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The EPIC Slacklines COMPLETE Slackline Kit with Safety Ratchet, Trainer Line, Tree Protectors and more!
Whether you’re training for a sport, looking to improve your core strength, looking for something fun to do while camping, or simply like the idea of gaining more balance and focus, you should consider adding an Epic Slacklines Kit to your life.

Crafted with 3 ton breaking strain and premium-grade nylon, this pro-grade set can be attached to trees behind your house or taken to the park, camping or just about any open space. Start balancing, ‘walking the line’ and doing tricks as you build core strength, balance and muscle memory.

This is also an amazing activity for kids, with balance and control helping them in all aspects of their life. If you feel that your kids are spending too much time in front of a screen, then having one of these around the house or on holiday will have them playing outdoors and getting fit in no time.

This is simply a wonderful way to be outdoors, to get fit, and to build core strength while learning something new.
A$99.00 + A$7.60 Shipping ($10 OFF)

ONE TIME OFFER: Add a SECOND slackline to your order for just AUD69.99 (free shipping if to the same address).. This is perfect if you are looking to grab a set as a Christmas present or for a friend. NOTE: This offer is only valid if the shipping address is the same as the main unit (we will pack two units into one shipping package).

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Benefits and Inclusions
  • A slackline kit suitable for kids and adults alike thanks to its enhanced durability, thicker weave, and 2-inch wide webbing.
  • A complete perfect tension slackline set, it’s ideal strength training for surfing, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and outdoor sports. 
  • A true full body workout, our slackline with training line improves balance, core strength, posture, focus, and memory while also reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Installing our slack line only takes our kit, two trees and less than 5 minutes. And because it can hold up to three tons of weight, you never have to worry about it supporting even the heaviest trainees.
  • Every slack line set comes complete with a 50 feet 2 inches webbing and ratchet, 50 feet 1 inch extra training line, ratchet protectors set, tree protectors, a manual and a convenient carrying bag to keep it all together.
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